Tipo: Concurso Público Internacional de Arquitetura

Status: Proposta

Ano: 2015

Autoria: Fabiano Ravaglia, Vinícius Philot, Carolina Leite

Designing in wood as the gesture by itself can already address many points in carbon emissions savings. The construction process is much cleaner and environmental friendly than traditional brick or concrete framings. Wood structures mimic nature with any benefits – trees clean the air when absorbing carbon dioxide, then release oxygen and the carbon for growth. Trees also keep storing Carbon within their bodies for the rest of their lifespans, keeping it from being released to the atmosphere again.

Our design embraces a mixed use of glued laminated timber parts for beams and pillars, in aclear modulation of many clusters, and cross laminated timber panels for both vertical and horizontal closings. This proposed structure is produced using energy from the sun instead of fossil fuels, as its manufacturing and assembling systems require less fossil fuel-based resources, reducing drastically the total environmental impact when compared to other materials. Our sustainability plans also reach higher levels of consciousness and empowerment, as the proposed program embodies a technical school for carpentry and wood related crafts, planting a seed for future development in wood buildings in South Africa, recognizing their benefits and encouraging greater use of both wood in buildings and renewable biomass to meet society’s broader energy needs.


“concurso de ideias, construção em madeira, sustentabilidade, equipamento público, acupuntura urbana, habitação social, cálculo de emissão de carbono”